Apocalypse - Evil Shelter System

Chapter 14: This is a Demon!
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Chapter 14: This is a Demon!

Encouraged by Digby, the group began to eye Alex's backpack with covetous glances. Regardless of whether anyone would come to rescue them later, at least for now, Alex had plenty of food and water in his possession! The hope of being rescued by the army was slim, but it was still there. And what they urgently needed were the food and water in Alex's backpack!

"If you don't want to die, hand over the food and water!" Digby, accompanied by two boys wielding javelins, stepped forward threateningly towards Alex.

"What if I don't?" Alex sneered back at Digby, completely unphased by their threats. With his current fighting ability, even a hundred Digbys would not be a concern for him! This wasn't just because of his physical strength, but also the ruthlessness honed between life and death.

"Looking for death!" Continuously provoked by Alex, Digby was on the verge of rage, brandishing his stick menacingly at Alex. He had never been so openly defied before, especially not by Alex, a poor man he had always looked down upon. The two cronies behind him also raised their javelins, sneering at Alex with a threatening look in their eyes.

"Such an overestimating bumpkin! A stupid fool from the countryside, that's what you are! How dare you talk back to Digby!" Darlene mocked with a laugh: "If you hand over your stuff obediently and slap yourself, we might spare your life!"

"Alex, don't be ungrateful! We're asking you to share the food and water for your own good! If you persist in being selfish, don't blame us for being unkind!" Terry adjusted his gold-rimmed glasses, trying to appear authoritative as he sternly reprimanded Alex.

"Yeah, that's right! Alex! How can you be so selfish! Have you lost all humanity? We're all classmates here. You found food, and we let you take refuge with us. You should share the food with everyone!"

"Yes! You can't be so selfish! Hand over the food and water now!"

"Now that it's the end of the world, we should all help each other. How can you think of keeping the food to yourself? Being born as a human, I advise you to be kind!"

"Alex, it's important to be self-aware. Just hand it over. Digby is giving you the chance to do it yourself, he's showing you respect. Don't be ungrateful. Otherwise, you might lose your belongings and suffer physical pain."

Several students who were puffing themselves up behind Digby also began to reprimand Alex, speaking with an air of morality and righteousness! ๐“ต๐“ฒ๐™—๐“ป๐“ฎ๐“ช๐™™.๐’„๐“ธ๐’Ž

Only Myra, standing behind Alex, spoke softly in anger: "Why didn't you call yourselves selfish when you drove Alex out earlier? Now that Alex has risked his life to find food, why should he selflessly share it with you? You people are truly shameless!"

"Enough talk! If you want the food and water in my backpack, come and take it yourself!" Alex, listening to these hypocritical and nauseating words, grew increasingly cold. He didn't want to waste words with this group. In this apocalyptic world, strength was all that mattered. If they wanted his food and water, they would have to take it.

"Damn it! Ungrateful! I see you're asking for death!" Digby's face twisted into a ferocious snarl as he arrogantly raised his stick and swung it heavily towards Alex's head. Having learned Taekwondo since childhood, and now at a black belt level, Digby was confident in handling someone as honest as Alex!

"No, don't!" Myra screamed, turning her head away, unable to watch the horrific scene that was about to unfold. Zhang Hua had offended Digby and ended up with his left hand brutally broken by Digby and his gang, eventually being driven out to die by Terry and others. She knew that Alex was likely to face a similar tragic fate. She wanted to stand up for Alex, but she lacked the courage and the ability. After all, she was just a frail girl; all she could do was silently pray for Alex. ๐˜ญ๐‘–๐˜ฃ๐“‡โ„ฏ๐˜ข๐’น.๐˜คโ„ด๐˜ฎ

"Presumptuous fool! How dare you defy Digby, you're asking for death!" Darlene sneered coldly, looking disdainfully at Alex, who was about to be hit, feeling a sense of malicious joy.

However, just as Digby's stick was about to strike Alex's forehead, Alex suddenly produced a gleaming machete in his hand. The machete, stained with dirty blood and flesh, looked incredibly fierce and terrifying.

"Whoosh!" With a flash of the blade, Darlene, who had been mocking Alex, suddenly let out a scream of terror.

"Ahh!!!" Digby's agonized scream followed. An arm holding a stick heavily fell to the ground, blood splattering everywhere. The two cronies behind Digby, ready to join the fight, were splashed with blood all over their faces.

Scalding blood smeared their faces, making the two boys scream in agony as if possessed. With a thud, they collapsed onto the ground, trembling all over. Staring at Alex's demon-like figure, they wet themselves, a pool of yellow liquid forming under them. They kept kicking their legs, desperately trying to scoot backwards, hoping to get as far away from this demon as possible.

These were just students; when had they ever witnessed such a bloody scene? Although they had been involved in school fights, those were merely about brandishing sticks with bravado. When had they ever seen someone chop off an entire arm with a machete over a disagreement?

This was no longer a human being in front of them; it was clearly a demon!

It was only at this moment that everyone realized that if Alex could return with food from a world overrun with zombies, he couldn't possibly be as harmless as he appeared. A person who wasn't afraid of so many zombies, how could he possibly fear a few students with no real skills?

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