Amon, The Legendary Overlord

Chapter 192 192: Killing Innate Demon Beasts – Part 2
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*<Power Release>!*

Several water hammers were created and fell from the sky towards the Demonic Hawk, but very quickly, the Demonic Hawk took a dive towards the ground, while dodging the water hammers.

*<Super Sonic>!*

Maisa had expected this. She started to slide on the floor the instant she activated the spell, increasing her speed by at least 10 times by condensing mystical water on her feet.

When the Demonic Hawk sensed danger, it flew upwards, but ended up struck by one of the water hammers, suffering a defense decrease debuff.

Maisa jumped and placed both of her feet on the thick branch of a tree. Building momentum, she leaped! Being at an altitude now higher than the Demonic Hawk, she made the sledgehammer in her hand grow without limits. In the next instant, the sledgehammer that had grown to have a head the size of a mini-car came down with full force!


The instant the sledgehammer came into contact with the Demon Hawk's body, a rumbling sound echoed along with the sounds of bones being crushed.


Another loud sound echoed and a small crater formed the instant the Demonic Hawk's large body crashed to the ground. Maisa creates water to step on while using the same spell on her feet. Although the effect wasn't as good as sliding on land, it was still fast and it was almost like flying.

As she descended, she had a triumphant smile. However, Mabel's words left her feeling awkward.

"I understand that you are happy to have killed an Innate Demonic Beast, but you ended up spoiling a lot of the resources by attacking the Demonic Hawk this way," Mabel said.

It was true. The thin bones of the Demonic Hawk might have even been more valuable than that of the earth demonic beasts. Although thin, they had a higher degree of utility...

Aside from that, many organs were crushed as well. Even if the entrails were usable, the carcass lost a lot of value by being crushed in this way.

"Well..." Maisa didn't know what to say. She just wanted to show off too. She then said, "But, there are still useful things in the Demonic Hawk's body, right?"

"Well, the genetic core must be intact, as that at least is not easy to destroy," Mabel replied with a sigh.

"Well, I'll be more careful next time, though I only know how to smash and, well... smash, I can support, as I'm able to temporarily boost my team's stats and heal as well," Maisa said.

"That's good enough. When we're up against more Innate beasts, you should stay back as support and we'll give you part of the resources. How about that?" Amon suggested. 𝓁𝒾𝘣𝑟𝑒𝘢𝘥.𝘤𝘰𝑚

No one was against. After all, safety first.

If Maisa was more useful as a support, they should let her be one. Other than that, they didn't mind sharing the resource with her as long as she helped out. And knowing how good her buffs were, Julia, Barbara, and Ariel easily agreed. Mabel later heard about what Maisa was able to do in support, and she agreed with Amon's suggestion as well.

After Maisa finished dismantling the Demonic Hawk, they continued to walk in a circle, as they didn't want to leave this part of the Secret Realm just yet. There were still a few things that Mabel wanted here, and they weren't against staying here to find them.

It was just at this point that they felt the gravity shift, and it started to get a little harder to walk.

"It feels like an hour has passed," Mabel said.

Barbara moved her body, not feeling like it was too much of a burden for now. "It's still at an acceptable level."

"I agree." Maisa and Julia said in unison.

Ariel just smiled. She could handle this sort of thing a little better because of her psychic genetic power. Although it gave her a small edge, it was of substantial value in the long run. Mabel was even better than her in this matter.

As for Amon... He was basically a Level 2 Innate in this place, although everyone was reduced to Level 1 Innate.NIn theory, he was a Level 1 Innate like everyone else, however, he had two different genetic factors.

The Fury gene was more used to make his body strong, while the lightning gene gave a great repertoire of offensive and even defensive power.

"Another Demonic Hawk is coming. Does it look like it's seeking revenge?" Amon said uncertainty.

"I'll fight it~" Julia said. She was the only one who hadn't fought so far.

*<Cloud Flight>!"

In the next instant, Julia created a lot of water and turned it into clouds. Rising on the cloud, she then began to fly. Of the three who basically flew so far, she was the one who showed the most what flying was like...

In the flying cloud, Julia went towards the Falcon and suddenly she activated another spell when she was more than 10 meters away from the ground.

*<Fall of the Gods>!*

The instant this spell was activated, a spear was condensed from water and quickly spun and flew into the sky. The water spear could stay up to eight meters away from the user and then stay still, basically frozen as it spun faster and faster, producing whirring sounds like a drill.

The Demonic Hawk was intrigued by this, but the hatred in Demonic Hawk's red eyes made him lose any reasoning, just thinking about killing everything in his path.

"Goodbye~" Julia smiled as she waved her hand, and at her command the spinning spear that had frozen in the air, started moving at great speed, even faster than the firing of an AR-15 rifle.

In moments, the Demonic Hawk's neck was pierced, torn apart by the rotation, and it lost its life. Falling from the sky, the corpse looked like a kite that lost the support of its line.


A rumbling sound echoed throughout the entire venue the instant the Demonic Hawk's body fell to the ground. The crater that formed was even bigger than the previous Demon Hawk that Maisa had killed.

Julia controlled the flying cloud and came down next to the Demonic Hawk. Amon and the girls also went there. 𝑙𝑖𝑏𝓇𝘦𝑎𝒹.𝑐𝑜𝓂

"That was so cool, Julia," Barbara said with stars in her eyes.

She was being sincere when she said that. After all, the instant she saw the water spear hovering in the air spinning, just waiting for the target and then descending at a very fast speed, piercing the Demonic Hawk's neck like that, causing instant death, she even felt like screaming: 'Neck shot!'

"Right?" Julia wasn't humble at all. "I myself didn't believe it would be so powerful~"

That was half true: She hoped that it would be able to kill the Demonic Hawk, however, she still had had some doubts about the degree of the attack power.


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