All My Disciples Suck!

Chapter 614: God and Demon Alchemy
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Chapter 614: God and Demon Alchemy

Zhou Yu was quickly dragged by the Master of Theory to the box of the spirit food restaurant, and while eating hot pot, he answered various questions from the Master of Theory.

At this time, He Yiming learned about the situation of the players.

Star was earnestly operating in War Demon City in the Myriad Demons Realm. Now more than 90% of the demon players were scattered in the Myriad Demons Realm to farm monsters and loot demon cores.

Since Pharmacist Who Loves BUFF discovered the demon core fusion bug of the fusion pot, a large number of demon players had taken out the third-order demon core and upgraded!

At present, the average strength of the demon players has increased to twenty demon marks and above!

High-end players like Magical Itachi have basically stepped into the fifth order!

Local tyrants like Brother Lose Half already began to attack touch demon marks.

He Yiming also learned about the fact that Lose Half was beaten again by the War Hunchback Beasts.

“Twenty-seven demon marks, how can you lose to the three War Hunchback Beasts at the peak of the Sea Wheel Realm?” He Yiming spent a minute trying to figure it out.

This problem was really too profound.

Such a gap in combat power was equivalent to having an aircraft carrier in your hand, and then you tell me that you were overthrown by three kindergarten children?

You must be kidding me!

If you can’t figure it out, just ignore it.

On Nine Seas Island in Chaos Star Sea, the Konoha City was well established. At the same time, a large number of weak and small ethnic groups in Chaos Star Sea rushed to Nine SeasIsland to settle down.

Now Nine Seas Islands had been built in full swing.

After losing the power of Heavenly Fire, many lifestyle players sold the shops on the second ring road of Tianlong Island to the cultivators of Tianlong Island for a sky-high price, and then moved to Nine Seas Island to reopen the shop.

It could be said that the life players originally stayed in the land of Hundred Races in the west, but now some of them have been transferred to War Demon City, and most of the rest were in Nine Seas Island in Chaos Star Sea.

“Well! Not bad!” He Yiming was quite satisfied with this situation, after all, not every discipline liked to kill randomly from morning to night.

He Yiming got up and soon came to the alchemy room.

As soon as he raised his hand, the Heavenly Fire suddenly rose.

It was different from the players!

As the sect master, he signed a contract directly with Heavenly Fire Demon Prison Heart Flame through the Heavenly Fire Altar, and He Yiming was the one who truly controlled the art of destiny, the existence of the Immortal Emperor Flame Dao.

The player just obtained the Dao Seed given by He Yiming with the Art of Destiny. With the permission of Heavenly Fire, he could borrow the power of Heavenly Fire!

Once Heavenly Fire fell into a state of deep sleep, they would not be able to obtain any power of Heavenly Fire!

But He Yiming was different!

Although Heavenly Fire fell into a deep sleep, He Yiming could still obtain a little power of Heavenly Fire forcibly by activating the art of destiny, the Immortal Emperor Flame Dao. It might not be enough for the enemy, but it was enough for alchemy.

“Refining!!!” He Yiming followed the pill formula first, and refined the first top-grade Heaven Mending Pill like clouds and flowing water!

It was easy, natural, and casual.

The blessing BUFF of Heavenly Fire and Azure Emperor Immortal Body was too abnormal!

He Yiming was just ordinary, meticulously refining according to the process without any mistakes and easily refined the top-grade Heaven Mending Pill!

If this scene was seen by ordinary alchemists, they would be pissed off!

“Susanoo!!!” The next moment, He Yiming had a thought, and suddenly activated Susanoo!

Immediately, He Yiming tried to join the fifth-order demon core, as well as the inner core of the great demon beast at Heavenly Pill Realm, etc., try to refine multiple Heaven Mending Pills in one furnace according to the method of refining the Earth Sea Pill!


The furnace errupted!

All the ingredients for the Heaven Mending Pill were scrapped.

“Hmm…” He Yiming fell into deep thought.

“Heavenly Fire, triple avatar!!!” He Yiming’s thought moved!

The next moment, the triple avatar suddenly appeared.

This was the limit of the power of the Heavenly Fire that He Yiming could control at present.

Next, He Yiming and the three clones made alchemy together!


However, the furnace exploded again.

The materials for the second Heaven Mending Pill were also completely wasted.

“It’s not that the cultivation level is not enough, then, what’s wrong?” He Yiming failed twice, vaguely aware of the reason, and after carefully recalling the process of failure, he suddenly had an idea.

“Take it!” He Yiming took back the three Heavenly Fire clones.

“Purgatory True Demon Body!

“Azure Emperor Immortal!”

He Yiming’s thought moved!

The next moment, He Yiming’s left hand burst out with a cyan stream, and his right hand was filled with black demon energy!

He Yiming started alchemy again.

This time, the power of the Azure Emperor Immortal Body and the power of the Purgatory True Demon Body were injected into the alchemy furnace at the same time, and the two forces worked together to make alchemy! This time, although there was some confusion at the beginning, it quickly slowed down.

It’s going well!

“Wow!” Following the familiar sound of alchemy, He Yiming opened the alchemy furnace and smiled immediately.

Three low-grade Heaven Mending Pills, shining brightly!

“That’s right!” He Yiming was very satisfied, this success made up for the previous two failures!

Next, He Yiming refined again and again, becoming more and more proficient!

From one batch of three low-grade ones, to one batch of two low-grade ones and one mid-grade one, to the last batch of three mid-grade ones!

After all twelve copies of materials were exhausted, He Yiming refined a total of 26 Heaven Mending Pills!

2 top-grade pills, 8 middle-grade pills, and 16 low-grade pills!

“The low-grade Heaven Mending Pills will be given to the players! One of the mid-grade pills is given to No. 7, and the remaining 7 pills can be kept temporarily!

“One top-grade Heaven Mending Pill will be given to Zhou Yu, and the other one…

“I’ll leave it for Ling Tianyu. Let’s go!”

He Yiming quickly finished the assignment.

He Yiming knew that Zhou Yu was the second native cultivator to step into the Yan Huang Sect besides Nangong Li.

That’s why He Yiming considered accepting Zhou Yu as the guest minister of the outer sect. On the one hand, he really needed someone who knew all kinds of rules and was familiar with the situation in the Upper Realm and the Chaos Star Sea to take care of many things on his behalf.

In addition, Zhou Yu could also pass on a lot of cultivation experience, especially some basic knowledge, to players.

To put it bluntly, Zhou Yu, who came from the upper realm, had dozens of times more knowledge and experience in cultivation than He Yiming.

After all…

It was less than a year since He Yiming stepped into the late stage of Heavenly Pill Realm from the peak of the tenth level of Body Forging Realm!

Zhou Yu, on the other hand, was a real existence who really cultivated for hundreds of years.

But the most important thing… was Zhou Yu’s pitch!

This wave of ransacking the treasure house of Tianlong Island directly obtained a full 26 Heaven Mending Pills!

And I only need to give one of them to Zhou Yu. That’s it!

It’s equal to a net profit of 25 pills!

Although Magical Itachi and other players died once, it didn’t matter.

They could be resurrected anyway, 0 investment!𝓵𝙞𝓫𝒓𝙚𝓪𝓭.𝒄𝓸𝓶

“Well, I’ll give Zhou Yu a Myriad Manifestations Fruit, and then teach him a secret cultivation technique, change the name to a new one, and make sure that no one would recognize him! In this way, he could be sent to Nine Seas Island as the deputy city lord to assist the Thousand Hand Pillar in handling various foreign affairs!” He Yiming was satisfied with the arrangement.

But at this moment, He Yiming suddenly saw a jade slip coming through the air, and it fell into He Yiming’s hand within a breath.


He Yiming’s complexion changed.

There was only one person who would contact him in this way!

Ling Tianyu!

“What the hell happened?” He Yiming’s expression changed. Ling Tianyu had been arranged by him to lurk in the Holy Prison Land for a long time. At this time, a message was sent suddenly. It was definitely not a trivial matter! So with a flip of He Yiming’s palm, he crushed the jade slip.

Soon, a series of information flowed into He Yiming’s mind!

“Li Huozong, the Allied Forces of the Three Regions?” He Yiming opened his eyes and suddenly let out a low voice…

—Author’s Notes—

[The battle of the sects has finally begun! A new wave of brand-new plot is about to unfold…].

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